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Week 5

We have great news to share with everybody. Bagpuss has been FOUND!! It turns out he was on a laptop in the year 4 classroom! Mr Butterworth told us he had seen our lost posters, looked at the description of Bagpuss and knew he must be returned to year one. What a good ideas those lost posters were. Miss Heywood was very happy to have Bagpuss returned to her, she can now give her niece her birthday present. 


We have all been working very hard in year one this week. In maths we have been looking at counting forwards in a variety of different ways and trying to work out missing numbers. The children used number lines to help them to work out answers they were unsure of. 


Year one have enjoyed talking about their special toys this week and explaining why their toy is special to them. The children went on to write some amazing sentences about their toy. Well done everybody! 


Here are a couple of pictures showing what else we have been up to this week.  The children have enjoyed completing  their Rainbow Challenges.


Next week, we are introducing a 'GOLD' Rainbow Challenge for the children to complete. The children are very excited about it. You can find out what next weeks challenges are below. 



Rainbow Challenges

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend. See you all on Monday!