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Week 5

What a great and busy week in Year 4!


This week we have been publishing our writing, working hard on our times tables and place value knowledge. In Science this week we worked more on teeth and created our very own clay models of the mouth and the different types of teeth. We made sure we looked at each different type carefully and created them in the most likeness that we could. We were also very lucky this week to have a meeting with two people from the Education team at Parliament and we had a tour of the Houses of Parliament, it was very interesting! 


Here are some of the things we learnt on our virtual tour. 

To get into the House of Lords, you have to be an expert of something. 

In History, a person entered the House of Commons and tried to arrest 4 of the MPs. 

It took 35 years to build the Houses of Parliament. 

There are 1400 rooms. 



Here's what we have enjoyed learning this week...


Darcie- I enjoyed making the teeth out of clay in Science.

Emilia- I enjoyed computing we played on Interland. 

Bella- I enjoyed writing this week and getting the superstar writer certificate. 

Olivia- I liked playing the clarinet in our Music lesson.

Lexi- I enjoyed making the teeth. 

Millie- I liked playing dodgeball in PE. 

Jason- I enjoyed looking at the Houses of Parliament on our virtual tour. 

Lois- I enjoyed writing my story about the Digestive System.


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Benbow smiley