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Week 5

This week has been another super busy week! 


The children have had Internet Safety Day on Tuesday where they took part in activities of what is safe an not safe to share online. 

We spoke about and shared why information should not be shared online with strangers and some of the dangers of this. 


On Thursday, we took part in the BBC's live lesson on 500 word story. We have began planning our stories, thinking carefully about our story mountains and building up our information to make our story interesting and unique. We will be continuing this learning next week, hopefully getting to the stage of publishing too! 


In our maths, we have been learning our times tables, looking at the inverse towards the end of the week! We are finishing off next week, with our 8's for the challenge! 


We have seen a huge improvement in the spelling scores and reading progress in year 3 with the new style homework, thank you for your support in this, this is going to continue next half term! 


Have a lovely weekend