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Week 3

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Independent Learning Challenges Week 3

Spellings Homework

Busy Week 3

Year 1's week began with some good news.  After the class had put in so much hard work to create 'Lost' posters last week, their efforts were paid off when Poodle was found!  The children were very happy they they could reunite him with his own, and his owner was very please too!  Being able to write a description of Poodle was so important, that we have continued to practise writing descriptions this week, and Mrs McDonald was very impressed with the quality of Year 1's writing.  


In maths we have been mastering our counting and understanding of just what a number means.  We know that we can represent numbers as a digit, a word, on an abacus, with objects, on a die or a domino, with our hands and with other mathematical equipment such as Numicon.  The list could be endless.


We have also loved playing with some old fashioned toys and games such as hoop and stick, tiddlywinks, spinning tops, and cup and ball. They really are quite tricky!  The children showed great perseverance and really enjoyed this challenge.  We had a look at the painting Children's Games by Pieter Bruegel the Elder,  and found that painting can give us lots of information about the past.  For example we saw that many of the children wore gowns, and they played leapfrog and hoop and stick.


Children will be bringing home their first set of spellings on Friday, so please check your child's book bag.  We have been learning to read numbers in words and our spelling will help children with writing them.  


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday, ready to learn about our much loved toys.


Miss Poll, Miss Chowdhury, Mrs McDonald and Miss Smith