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Autumn 2

The lovely photograps below are explained in full for you right here.

We know LIGHT and DARK!

As part of our 'LET IT SHINE' topic we have been experimenting with light and dark. We have used lots of light sources. We have spoken about man made light and natural light.

Year 1 and 2 in the PLANETARIUM!

To help us understand how day and night works we spent some time in a planetarium. It was dark, but very impressive. We learnt a lot including where all the stars go in the daytime!!
We celebrated the HINDU festival of LIGHTS... DIWALI!!!
  • Coloured and decorated Ragoli welcome signs
  • Made and decorated Diwali candles out of clay
  • Listened to typically Indian music
  • Made diwali neclaces out of shiny material
We can SORT objects and explain WHY we did it!?!  Nocturnal or Diurnal?

This is us sorting shapes and objects. Can you remember us sorting Nocturnal and diurnal animals for our homework? Well, this is us learning how to sort so that we could do that properly!! Clever hey!

We are experts in REFLECTIVE MATERIAL!!

We know all about keeping safe in the dark and which materials are best to help us do that. We know all about reflective materials and have made a 'keep safe collar' for Naughty Nora!


We ate Latkes as part of our Channuka celebrations. We had a Channukah party and celebrated LIGHTS just like people of the Jewish faith do.
  • We spoke in Hebrew
  • Lit a Channuka candle
  • Ate Latkes
  • Played with Dreidles
  • Did the Maccabee March

Trip to the Manchetser Art Gallery
We spent an afternoon looking at fabulous ART created with shadows and black and white objects. We learnt so much and had a great time too! We made our own shadow puppets using different materials with differenty textures. Take a look at our learning process, we have tonnes of photos! :)