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Week 2

We have had another great week in Year 4 this week! 


We have been so busy with our learning. This week we started our new program for well-being called 'My Happy Mind'. In our first session we learnt all about the different parts of our brain and what happens when we challenge ourselves and learn something new.  We now know that when we learn something new or challenge ourselves our brain grows, this is called neuroplasticity, in our Friday assembly we reflected on what we had learnt and challenged ourselves with this week.


In our Maths work we have been continuing with our chilli challenges for place value, everyone showed great resilience. 


In our writing we have been continuing with our instruction work, learning all of the key features needed in a set of instructions. 


In Science this week we have been learning all about how to take care of our teeth, we now know lots of facts! We all took part in an investigation into how different liquids affect our teeth. 

We used eggs as representations of our teeth and added lots of different liquids. We then made predictions about what we thought would happen to the eggs in each liquid, next week we will record the results. Take a look at the photos!


Below are comments from children this week about what they have enjoyed.


Amira- I enjoyed starting our new learning about well-being using my Happy Mind. 

Monica- I am really proud of myself this week, because I am getting better at my times tables. 

Darcie- I enjoyed doing our experiment all about teeth. 

Bella- I loved playing dodgeball in PE this week. 

Logan- I enjoyed playing football in football club after school. 

Millie- I enjoyed our topic work about Burps, Bottoms and Bile. 

Luke- I enjoyed making a poster about the features of instructions. 

Alex- I enjoyed reading Varjak Paw in guided reading. 

Sofia- I enjoyed learning how to take care of my teeth properly.

Louie- I enjoyed the whole week! All of it!

Emilia- I enjoyed making a poster in Computing about E-safety. 

Willow- I enjoyed reading Varjak Paw and everything else!

Lexi- I enjoyed going to cheerleading club and reading. 

Olivia- I enjoyed pizza Friday! 

Farryll- I enjoyed playing with my friends. 


Have a fantastic weekend! 


Miss Benbow 

Science Investigation!