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Week 3

Year 5 got their own back this week, as they made sure I was voted for one of the comic relief challenges. COLD BAKED BEANS. Mr Webster was voted for the cracker challenge. The children loved it and really got involved. Thank you to those who sent in donations on the day and to everyone who voted for one of the challenges. When we got back to class, the children were adamant that Mr Webster's challenge was easy, so we put 2 of them to the test and they soon found out, it wasn't as easy as it looked. As part of our comic relief day the children then got involved in a 'dance-a-thon', the worm seemed to be the most popular dance move. smiley


In our learning this week, we have published our persuasive letters, and have nearly finished our division topic. They've worked really hard and have shown some fanatastic characteristics of learning.


Progress reports have been sent home this week, if there is anything you want to discuss please do come and speak to us and we have still got times available for parents evening on Monday (18th) and Tuesday (19th).


Have a wonderful week!


Mrs Walker & Mr Webster