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Week 4

This week has been an interesting one!


We have battled with the snow and ice to make it into school. 


In our writing, we have completed our published work on Toki's adventures and looked to include all of our tools that we have learnt such as speech (punctuated with our magic 6), paragraphs, 5 W's in our sentences, pronouns and possessive apostrophes - All the P's! 


In our maths we have looked at the 3 and 4 times tables, looked at how we can extend our methods from year 2 to use the year 3 methods to help us work out the answers! 


In our topic work, we have investigated magnetic and non magnetic materials. The children investigated these using their prediction skills and they classified these objects into their groups. Some of us were really surprised by the results!


We have seen a huge increase in the spelling marks over the last few weeks! Thank you so much for the support the children receive at home with their reading, spellings and sumdog.


Have a lovely weekend