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Week 4 updates!

This week in year 4 has been brilliant. 


It started on Monday with Mrs Draper coming into class and giving the children some bad news ... that we may not be able to carry out any more bush tucker trials! Luckily the children are studying persuasive texts so next week we are writing our letters of persuasion to Mrs Draper that having bush tucker trials are a good idea! What a coincidence surprise We had a go at persuading eachother that our partners needed the stationary we had!


In our maths work we have been looking at related calculations and multiplying a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number ... the children have worked so hard and so brilliantly in maths their progress is really coming on. 


Our topic work has seen us looking at the bones of the skeleton. We have been looking at the three joints; hinge; ball and socket; and the glider joint. The children have been so engaged ... especially with the help of Gerald our class skeleton! 


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3