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Our Amazing Learning in Week 2!

Well what can we say about week 2 . . . We have been super mathematicians this week by creating our own arrays! We have also been learning how to multiply by using repeated addition! We have been creating a role on the wall in our writing and then we created our own carousel and we had to complete different activities about Poles Apart! We have been using our super connectives in our sentences and then using them in our Poles Apart writing!



"We discussed bullying during our circle time." (Finnley)

"We have been creating anti-bullying posters!" (Lucy)

"We have been making our own comic strip about saying no to bullying!" (Aymen)

"On Monday we had an anti-bullying assembly." (Sienna)

"We discussed all of the types of bullying - Cyber, Physical and Emotional." (Erin)