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This term we will continue to focus on Manchester but our focus will turn to this history of this great city 


We will learn about the Roman empire and its impact on Britain, specifically Manchester, our nearest city.  


We will take part in a local history study and examine the impact of War on Manchester. We look at how our current lives different from these periods of history. We will also look at the lives and work of notable people from the city ie: Alan Turing, Emmeline Pankhurst, we will look at the impact they had on Manchester and the wider world. 


In our writing we will write a story based on The Wish Granter before then writing a story for our very own Roman soldier Dum Spiro. After that we will help Dum Spiro become a Roamn Gladiator by writing a set of instructions.  


In maths we will focus on will be measures and becoming confident to apply our skills and know how we use these skills in day to day life.


Our whole class reading book is the Firework Makers Daughter then we will read the Fastest Boy in the World. We have worked so hard on improving our fluency and will now become more confident to answer different types of questions based on the text. 


Please come and see one of the Year 3 teaching team if you have any interesting information or facts about the city of Manchester. 



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