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Week 6 updates

Well... where do I even start with this week's update?! 

You must be bursting with pride after watching the children in their Christmas performance. They were all absolutely fantastic I'm sure you will agree. They have been working so, so hard on perfecting their dance routines and practising at any opportunity (some even whilst lining up!). 


Next week, the children also have ANOTHER performance for you - On Wednesday 19th December the children have their music performance which will be starting at 9.30 for roughly half an hour. The children have been practising so hard with Mrs Housley, I'm sure it's going to be another fantastic performance for you all! 


In amongst all of the performances, the children have begun writing our letters to Richard Walker at the company Iceland. After our topic on the rainforests, we have been researching the effect on cutting down rainforests; how this is going to have not only a huge impact on all the animals there, but also us as humans. We are writing to Iceland to thank them for bringing these problems to light and we hope the rest of the big companies out there follow suit. We have been so impressed by the children's attitudes to all this, they have been absolutely fantastic. 


We are so close to finishing our class book, I'm sure you have been hearing all about it at home! The children have been absolutely hooked from the start of the half term and this has really promoted their love of reading. So many parents have been coming up to us telling us the children have not been able to put their books down in an evening or at weekends, which is what we love to hear! 


Have a fantastic weekend, only 1 more week to go! 

Mrs Harris