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WOW week 4

WOW is all we can say about this week!!


We have been working on our independent learning this week and we have definitely kept up our hard work! 


Firstly a HUGE thank you for all of the effort that has been put into our Nando's homework, we have been blown away with how amazing every piece has been so far...


As you may have heard we have had some very special visitors this week. On Wednesday we received two letters from two mysterious toys... we had to make predictions about who we thought it could be, have a look at some of our suggestions...

-Rex and Woody

-Little Bo-Peep and her sheep

-Buzz and Woody

and many more!

Who could it be?


On Thursday when we arrived back in the classroom we were very surprised! Barbie and Ken were zip lining across the classroom! We couldn't believe our eyessad.  We had so many questions... where had they come from? What were they here for? We created some actions to help us to remember what had happened. What would happen next? We discussed where they might have come from and the children decided that they could be Miss Benbow's toys because the Ken that was in class had brown hair and the new Ken dolls have blonde hair or a top knotno


Check out some of the photos!