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Week 4

Year 4 Pranksters!

As you can see from the photographs, Year 4 had great fun carrying out their pranks on Mrs Conway, Mrs Bingham, Mr Scott and Mrs Harris this week. They were very sneaky and carried out their well planned pranks. It was all taken in good part by the staff and Year 4 would like to thank them for being such good sports. Leading on from the pranks, we have begun to draft and write letters which link to the pranks played and our reading to writing book, Horrid Henry.


After a week of leaving our eggs in various liquids, we observed what had happened to the shells. It wasn't a great surprise to see that the water and milk had no effect on the shell (teeth) but the cola and fizzy orange caused the shells to crack and crumble. We were surprised to see how the vinegar stained the shell!


We have also done lots of maths and I am impressed by the effort and determination to learn new skills and strategies.


Some of our children represented school in a cross country event on Friday and did extremely well. I will update you next week.


It has been amusing as homework has been brought in over the last couple of weeks. Year 4 have risen to the poo challenge and we have got quite a collection of very realistic dishes of poo. Thanks for that year 4. Mrs Conway has asked if I am going to display them.....hmmm? indecision