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Week 6

Here we are nearly at the end of another busy week in year 6!


In writing this week we have taken responsibility for our own learning by choosing a writing genre of our own to focus on. This will really tap into our creative abilities and give us the opportunity to show what fantastic writers we really are. 


In maths this week we have been tackling addition and subtraction. Luckily most children are quite confident using formal methods so we moved onto some tricky reasoning questions which really required the children to think about why and how they had arrived at an answer. We used the  'graffiti maths' technique to record this. 


In Spanish we are now confident with basic conversational language and can ask someone their name, ask how they are feeling and then ask them their age. We can also answer these questions. 


In History as part of our topic on War we have been looking much closer to home by discovering what life was like in Manchester during the war especially during the Christmas Blitz of 1940. 


Finally as part of our biology topic of Evolution in Science we have been testing how evolution has made birds beaks better a picking up food. We carried out a practical test to determine which was the best.