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Week 3

Wow,where do we start with the weekly update this week??!!


I suppose we had best start with the jet setting Year 6's who have been in Sweden this week. Yes that's right Harry, Lauren, Shriya and Jack have been having the time of their lives with Mr Scott, Mrs Draper and Mr Butterworth. They have been attending a school and staying with host families in Sweden as part of the Erasmus project. Not only that they have been taking part in amazing experiences such as riding on snow mobiles, stroking elks and catching the biggest fish from frozen lakes. We can't wait to hear all the exciting stories when they are back on Monday!!


At school we have been busy gathering our ideas ready to plan our 500 words stories. We have taken part in the 'Live Lesson' and created some fantastic ideas. We are really hoping to have a trip down to Buckingham Palace for the final!!


All the teaching team were super impressed with the children's focus in maths this week. We have been focusing on co-ordinates and translation of shapes. I was super impressed with the children's determination to make progress through the levels of challenge. Brilliant!!


We rose to the challenge in guided reading where we looked at an email as our focus text. We all continued to develop our skills to summarise a text so we can show we clearly understand the content in order to answer questions quickly. 


In our topic work we have completed a project all about mountains and desserts and presented our ideas to the class. This is a big target for us and we all gave it 100%!! Not only that, in our science work we carried out a voltage investigation and became more secure drawing electrical symbols.


I would like to thank the Year 6's as I have really enjoyed being with them each morning this week.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Mrs Bingham