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Week 7


We have not stopped this week!


In our maths, we have been using the column method to subtract large numbers. We have tried to follow a subtraction poem so that when we struggle we always have something to give us that extra push. They have been fantastic and not only completed their work but pushed themselves through different challenges. 


This week in our reading into writing, the children published their setting descriptions. They have worked so hard and created some  fantastic descriptions. They then used all the language features they have been learning over the half term, to complete a creative write about their own Halloween story. We have decided as a class to make our own book, 'Halloween of Terror' to share all their stories.


What a fantastic week for spellings. They have all worked so hard to improve each week, this is really starting to show in their writing. Thank you for your continued support with this.


In our topic work we have been looking at forces and how they affect us. This week we have looked at friction and will be conducting an experiment on Monday to see the impact of different surfaces. 


The children are loving TIM time (This is me time). It is an opportunity for them to bring things in from home and share them with the rest of the class. This can be pictures, objects, awards, books or games that they enjoy outside of school. Every class is taking part in this and it's so nice to see the children share favourite aspects of their home life. 


Just a reminder that parents evening is on Monday and Tuesday next week, if you don't have an appointment there are still a few slots available but this is limited. 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Walker and Mr Webster