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Week 5 updates!

Wow I cant believe another week has come to an end already! 


This week we have been playing all sorts of games for our 2,5 and 10 times tables. We have also been testing our reasoning and problem solving skills in answering 'always, sometimes or never' statements. We hopefully have secured our knowledge for the time being before moving on to our 3 times tables next week. 


In our writing this week, we have completed our first draft with editing and have moved onto publishing our final copies of our stories on the Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Next week, we are going to move onto setting descriptions and looking at furthering our vocabulary next week. 


Music, we have been looking at furthering our knowledge of out notes and now have been introduced to the G note. The children absolutely love practising their recorder and Mrs Housley has been really impressed by how many children have been practising at home. 


In our topic learning this week, we have learnt the 7 continent song - which I apologise for, but can promise you it has been in my head all week too! The class made their own balloon globes, successfully labelling the equator, tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn. We discussed what the weather was like in these areas! 


The children have been split into groups now for their spellings, each week they will either receive group 1 or group 2 spellings. Please can these be practised as many times as possible. 

A copy of the spellings are attached below.