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Week 1

What a fantastic first week! It was lovely to see the children coming into school looking smart and with smiles on their faces. They are quickly beginning to adapt to the new routines and are eager to learn.

Everyone was excited on day one when our new topic (Burps, Bottoms and Bile) was announced with a fun activity making 'poo'. It caused such a laugh! It was actually bread with various liquids added to it which we pushed into plastic bags and through pieces of tights to stand in for our stomach and intestines. Anyway, it was messy and fun and started the children off learning about digestion.

In maths we had a look at Roman Numerals which is part of our topic on Place Value. The children used straws to make different Roman Numerals and it really got their brains ticking over.

In English we are using Horrid Henry books as a stimulus for informal letter writing and maybe how to play a prank or two beware!

Friday afternoon brought the start of our enhanced curriculum activities where children get to work on different activities each half term.

Finally, the children helped me put together the Chilli homework activities and will be gringing them home on Thursday.