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Week 1

Hello! This week we have started our new topic 'Who lived in a castle like this?'

We started off our week by looking at similarities and differences between castles, next we are going to talk about what we already know about castles and what we want to learn, our lessons will then be based on things that we want to learn!


In Literacy we have started to look at Traditional Tales, has your child told you about our mystery? 

On Tuesday morning when we came into school we couldn't believe our eyes! Someone had been into our classroom and made a mess! On the floor there was sticks and straw, all taped off with black and yellow tape. We thought long and hard about who this could be.. we had lots of different ideas. 

Leyton- horse

Cobey- fox

Zuzanna- zombie 

and many more! 

When we came back into class after break time we had been left a letter from the Three Little Pigs, they told us that they had felt a big gust of wind but they weren't sure what had happened. We had also been left 3 envelopes containing 3 suspect wanted posters with a character description. In the envelopes, there was Goldilocks, Humpty Dumpty and The Big Bad Wolf. We read all three posters and came to a decision. It couldn't have been Humpty Dumpty because we could not see any egg shell. It couldn't have been Goldilocks because there was no trace of porridge. Which only left us with one suspect. THE BIG BAD WOLF! sad we have created wanted posters in the hope that someone will catch him! Be sure to come back next week for further updates!