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Week 7

Independent Learning Challenges

Super Week Seven

A very big "thank you" to the grandparents who helped us with our learning this week.  We had a great response to our toys questionnaire and the children really enjoyed hearing all about the toys that you played with when your were a child.  We enjoyed looking at some of them and we watched a short video that showed us how to play Bagatelle.  We found out that when grandparents were younger they played a lot of board games.  They had dolls and cars and bikes, just like children now, but they looked different and were made of different materials.  We had  a vote on the question "Were my grandparents' toys better than my toys?", and here are the results:


Yes 16 votes

No   9 votes

Abstained 5  (They just couldn't decide!)


When we looked at the questionnaire we found out that most grandparents thought the toys they had as children were better too!


We are really looking forward to next week when some of our family members will be joining us to play games!


Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you on Monday.