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Autumn 1

Glad that you can join us on our learning journey.
Our Year 1, Autumn 1 topic is...

'Knowing me, Knowing You'.

It is all about ourselves and other living things.
The lovely photograps below are explained in full for you right here.

WOW experience
On our very first day in school Miss Diamond had covered the room with mirrors for us to see with, Music for us to hear, nice smells, for us to smell. It was a multi sensory experience which was a lot of fun.

Year 1 on a Listening Walk
We went outside to listen to all of the sounds around us. There were lots of different sounds.
LOOK at us as babies!
These photos show us looking at each others BABY photographs. We talked about how much we had grown and changed. We even saw our parents, brothers and sisters when they were little and just how much they had grown too!

Laptops 1st time! (ICT)
These photographs show us using the laptops for the 1st time! We learnt how to switch on, log in and use an exciting programme called Education City. Here we learnt a little bit more about our senses.

Yummy Scrummy Milkshake!!
We have been learning all about Oliver. Reading all about Olvier's Fruit Salad, Oliver's vegetables and Oliver's Fruit Salad. When we read Oliver's milkshake we knew that we had to make our own healthy MILKSHAKE! We wrote all of the ingredients and instructions ourselves. We know that all living things need to be healthy!

Report Writing
We interviewed our ears to see if they thought their job was importnat. We looked at news reports and then made some of our own.

Mrs Camkin the midwife
A fantastic display of very useful information. Mrs Camkin told us all about how babies grow. She took our blood pressure and listened to our hearts. Miss Lees also let us listen to her baby's heart beating from INSIDE her tummy! Clever Miss Lees-Clever baby! WOW!!!!!!!
A brilliant morning Mrs Camkin. Thank you!!!

Measuring maths and Science
We followed Discovery Dog's story. He wanted to find out if taller people are older...So, we ran an experiment to find out. We measured 10 girls and 10 boys to see if this was true. It was great. We had not used measuring rulers properly before. We worked out that it doesnt matter how old you are, you can be short or tall. Clever us!

Vegetable, Sequence paintings
We thought, what better way to link what we have learnt about healthy eating and what we have learnt about patters and!!!!
We used real fruit and vegetables to create an individual pattern picture. We used shapes to do this in maths, but it is certainly more fun to do it with paints!! messy messy messy! :)