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Week 6

Another half term has quickly passed. Hopefully, as we return to school, the mornings and evenings will be getting lighter and it will be a bit warmer. We have spent the final week of the half term finishing off topic work, completing two pieces of writing and doing some math's revision.


The children have got very involved with the topic this half term and very concerned about Global Warming and pollution and the impact on wildlife in the oceans. The photograph shows them putting all their ideas down onto a big banner.


As mentioned previously, we are going to participate in the Oldham Choral Speaking contest and the poem Albert and the Lion has been sent home. Please help the children to begin to learn this by heart. I have attached a copy in case the printed one has got lost on the way home.


Some parents have asked for Maths homework, so I have started to send home some of the maths that we do in year 4.


Once again, I would like to welcome Mrs Moon to our team for the next half term and I know she is excited about her role with Year 4.

Enjoy your half term and we will see you in a week.