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Final week of Autumn 1!

What an amazing first half term this has been! 


During our last week, we have been creating our own stories based around the themes in the Egyptian Cinderella, our guided reading text this half term. The children have been coming up with their own character, describing them and having a go at describing the setting too. 


In our maths we have been securing our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have come up with a chant too, 'we cross it, change it and throw it over' to  remind us of the process we do in exchanging in subtraction. 


In our other work we have finished off the greeting in French and been securing our knowledge on the French colours too. 


The children have been given some time to reflect on their first half term and have written some ideas down on our 'post-it note wall' up at the moment in the classroom. We have been thinking about what we have achieved this half term and what we can do next half term to make it even better. 


Thank you to all the children for making the first half term a good one, I hope parents and carers have enjoyed hearing about what we have been doing in school. Thank you to parents and carers for your continued support throughout this half term too 


Have a lovely half term, 

Miss Leaver, Mrs McDonald and Miss Hunt