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Week 3

We have had another brilliant week in Year 4. 


This week we received an email linked to our WOW starter. It was from Mrs Conway. We were so shocked to discover that the email was named 'disgusted visitor'. Upon reading the email, we discovered that there had been a visitor in school on Monday. This visitor was hoping to send their child to our school. They were looking around when suddenly they put hand in some 'poo'. They were completely disgusted and said to Mrs Conway that they were going to make a complaint about the school. We were so embarassed, some of the children even tried to place the full blame on me!! We decided that it would be best if we wrote an apology to Mrs Conway, as a formal letter. We hope she forgives us and the complaint doesn't go ahead! (Fingers crossed) 


We will keep you updated with what happens next week!


Miss Benbow smiley