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Week 2


This week we have all tried our very best to flip as many pancakes as we could. We did so well and we all got a sticker.



We have also been dressing up and as adjectives to celebrate World Book Day. It was so exciting to see how much effort had been put into the wonderful costumes. As well as dressing up, we all shared our favourite books and took part in 'Drop Everything and Read' and then we had a mystery reader come to our classroom to read us a story.


"I had to find the numbers on the coloured balls and find the same Numicon piece" Scarlett


"Eating chocolate on pancake" Eva


"I did the red challenge,like you get some words, you spell them and then you put

them in the treasure chest" Jesse


"You had to get a paper plate and you had t paint it peach, then you put googly eyes on and put the eye patch on it and I gave him a black hat." Mea


This weeks dinosaur winners are...



Poppy (Pretendactyl)                     George(Pridosaur)                     Bonnie (Predictor)



Dempsey (Trycertops)  Holly, Corey, Bonnie, Florence (Solvosaurus) Mason (Explorasaurus)


This weeks always children are...