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Week 4

It has been lovely to see all the children coming in with a big smile on their faces this week. We have been very busy completing challenges and activities. The children have been searching for phonic sounds on a dark picture. 


We placed three cups in the water area. The children had to work out which cup held the most water. They used the measuring cylinders to help them to solve the problem. 


The children have been working out which pieces of numicon have been wrapped with foil and recording their answers. It was so much fun to explore!

We have been thinking about our teeth and what is healthy for them, so this week we conducted our own experiment. We put boiled eggs into three different types of liquids, coffee, water and coke. The children made their predictions as to what they think might happen to each of the



Coke - 'It might change colour'

'It might explode or crack' 


Coffee - 'The egg will change colour' 


Water - 'Nothing will happen'

'It will get cold' 


Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this tricky time. Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon! 


Early Years Team