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week 2

As it has been National Anti-bullying week, we have focused on this year's theme which is 'Respect'.  We began the week  with an assembly, in which the children were shocked to witness members of staff showing a lack of respect towards each other (Oscar style acting of course!!).

Staff interrupted each other, used negative body language and shouted across the hall. The children, once they had got over the shock, of course thought it was funny but told us in no uncertain terms how bad-mannered and disrespectful we had been.

We continued discussing respect throughout the week - self respect, respect to each other and adults and respect of belongings and equipment in school. We contributed to a brilliant banner which I hope you will see displayed outside school.


In maths, we have focused on the vocabulary of multiplication and our 3 and 7 times tables. we have just begun working on our 6 times. Please help your child to practise and throw random questions at them. 


In English, we have continued with the book Weslandia, looking in particular how the character of Wesley changes through the story.

We have just started using a film clip called 'The Dreamgiver'. We have only watched the first 33secs in order to look at how we might  write an introduction to a story. We are waiting in suspense to watch the rest of the film.


As our topic is about Manchester, we have looked at Atlases and maps to find out where, in relation to the world, Europe and the UK, Manchester is located.

Thank you for your donations towards Children in Need.


Nandos Takeaway homework is now in Homework books. I hope you enjoy supporting your child with these challenges. (No more poo thank you!!)

There is a multiplication grid on the inside cover of the book and a huge spelling list inside the other cover. These spellings are in addition to the ones Mr Webster sends home. They are a list which the National Curriculum states they should know how to spell by the end of year 4. I suggest you advise your child to practise 2-3 per day and keep going back over them.

There is also a Knowledge Organiser stuck in their books, which contains facts about the topic. If you have any time left, encourage your child to learn these facts!!!

I know there is a lot to do, but we have very high expectations for all our children. Don't forget to give yourselves time to enjoy a book together and have some fun. smiley