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Week 6

Year 2 have had yet another super week this week. 


We have been busy in our maths practising and writing our 5x tables. We have also been learning the related division facts with our 5x tables. "If we know 2x5=10 then we also know 10÷5-2."

In our writing we have written some fantastic setting descriptions about our video A Cloudy Lesson. The children worked so hard in their writing and this is reflected in the amazing pieces they have produced.

In our Science work we have been working on our keywords transparent, translucent and opaque and recognising which materials are linked to these keywords. 

In our guided reading work we have been reading and completing activities linked to the story Owl Babies - keep your eyes peeled next week year 2 for your Gold Challenge linked to Owl Babies!


Well done again everyone for another lovely week :)