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Autumn 2 Targets

We're going back to basis this half term with our targets. If we get these three things sorted then we'll be heading to the top of the class with our ability in reading writing & maths.


It's all about non-fiction readingthis half term, as this links in brilliantly with our buildings topic.
Children need to be able to identify the features of a non-fiction text & talk about the article using terms such as:

  • Heading/ Title
  • Introduction
  • Sub heading
  • Picture
  • Diagram
  • Caption
  • Glossary
  • Contents page & Index

They need to be able to point out the most important parts of the text and talk about information that interests them.


Full stops and captial letters in sentences are so important, we need to make sure every child in the class is writing sentences that make sense, have a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. Once you've mastered this it's on to making sure that writing is interesting to read by having a range of different openers to your sentences, so they don't all start with 'the,' or 'it'.


It's all about times tables. Practice, practice, practice. Children need to be able to rapidly recall their times table and division facts. So working them out on fingers, or taking time counting through the numbers is not going to mean they have achieved this target.

Begin with the 2s, 5s & 10 times tables, these are the easiest to learn. Once these are mastered it's the 3s and 4s the the 6s. The 9 times table is left, then it's the challenging job of the 7s and 8s. But keep practicing all the ones you've learnt previously. Becuase tables are much more easily forgotten than learnt. So we'll bne continuing our weekly table test throughout the year.