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Week 6

Independent Learning Challenges



This week your child took home a homework book to go inside their plastic spellings wallet.  Your child can use this book to practise their spellings and write the sentences that you are asked to dictate to them.  As we move through the year, your child will be asked to complete homework for other subjects, and the same book can be used to complete this homework.  You may also like to stick in your child's spelling sheets to keep them all together.  This will mean that from time to time you can help your child practise previous spellings so that they don't forget them.  


In addition to spellings homework, children in Key Stage 1 are expected to read their reading book at least three times per week.  Please write in your child's reading diary when they have read with you.  It is also a really good habit to have a bedtime story each night.  Listening to a story is lovely end to the day, and is just as valuable as practising reading a reading book.   




Grandparents' Questionnaire

This week your child will bring home a questionnaire for them to complete with a grandparent. It is a questionnaire that the children devised in our topic lesson.   In history, we are trying to answer the question "Are my toys better than the toys my grandparents had?"  Like all good historians we need to do our research and find out as many facts and opinions as we can.  If your child will not be seeing a grandparent this week they could talk about the questions with a family friend or neighbour of the same generation, or they could talk about the questions with a parent.  The main purpose is that children carry out a simple piece of research and come to a conclusion about the past.  


Please can questionnaires be returned on or before Monday 14th October, and we will update you with our findings!

Grandparents' Questionnaire

It's Super Week Six!


The weeks are flying by and the learning in Year 1 is soaring.  Today (Thursday) is World Mental Health Day, and Year 1 have been thinking about the importance of keeping a health mind as well as a healthy body.  The children decided that it was a perfect opportunity to have a Relax Kids session.  This is something that the children have practised since Nursery, and Mrs McDonald led a lovely session that helped us focus on clam breathing,   We had to really think about our bodies as we slowly lowered from standing to curling up in a ball. Kyle was spot on when he said "This is really tricky!"   The feeling we all had at the end of our session was summed up by Annie.  "I feel so lovely and relaxed!"  she said. 

  We also welcomed another Secret Reader when Vicky read the story Funny Bones to us.  The children loved the story, and Vicky had fond memories of it being read to her at school too.   The children really enjoyed Vicky's visit, and they could all remember her last visit when she had an ambulance with her!


Next week we are really looking forward to finding out the responses of our Grandparent's Toys Questionnaire.  At the minute Year 1 are quite sure their toys are the best, but maybe they can be persuaded otherwise!


I hope you enjoy looking at the our photographs of our Relax Kids session, and the snapshot of our week.


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Poll and the Year 1 Team.