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Week 3

Well, the most exciting thing to happen this week, must surely  be  the introduction to the clarinets. The music teacher has been in and spent time showing everyone how to prepare and look after the clarinets and also getting everyone to have a go at making some sound (not as easy as you think!). I will post some photographs soon of them in action and later in the year, a video to show their progress.

Year 4 are very excited because as part of our English, we are planning to play some (friendly) pranks on certain members of staff and there has been a lot of giggling and plotting going on.

On Monday we set up a science experiment, using eggs (to represent teeth) and various liquids  to see what effect different liquids have on our teeth. We will check on Monday (I bet it's a bit smelly!!!).

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.