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Supersonic Week 2

Well what can we say! 


Another amazing week in Year One. It really is lovely to see so many children settling in and getting used to their new surroundings. 

This week we have been working so hard! 

In Maths we have been continuing with our place value knowledge, counting on and back to 100 and finding one more and one less. We have been successfully working our way through the chilli challenges and we are very excited to say that this week everyone has managed to reach the spicy challenge level! We have some excellent mathematicians in Year One who have been helping others and sharing their knowledge with us. 


In our writing we have been working on ADJECTIVES yes ADJECTIVES IN YEAR ONE!! Some of the children have told us the reactions they have had from home when they told people what we have been working on! Everyone is very proud of themselves... if you haven't heard what an adjective is, ask your child and I am sure they will be very pleased to tell you! 


Homework- I have reminded the children that for the moment for homework they only have to complete one challenge box each week and not the 3 challenges for 1 spice, this is so that we can work our way up slowly to complete more challenges!

Next week we will be giving out spellings to practice too, so keep an eye on our class page to find out the weekly spellings list. 


See you next week! smiley