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Week 7 was a cracker!!

Wow we are so, so very proud of the children for all their amazing performances this week. We are sure you will agree that the children put on an amazing show and showed off their amazing dance moves!! Such a great team effort smileysmiley


This week we have been super busy from trying to solve the mystery of the missing presents in a GPS mystery to times table challenges we just haven't stopped. The children  made some fab Christmas cards so we hope you liked them smiley


We had a class discussion all about the Christmas story and what Christmas means to each of us. The children had some really thoughtful ideas and were very reflective about the importance of spending time with their loved ones.


As this term draws to a close, we would like to say that we hope you all have a lovely holiday and come back to school in January 2018 safe and sound and ready to take on the next challenge in our learning. You have been amazing Team Year 4 and we want to say a big. big thank you!!!!!


Keep your eyes peeled for our next topic.......