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Week 2

The children have loved learning more and more about our polar regions this week. We have looked at where they are on the globe in relation to where we live and have learnt about the Inuit people and how their lives may be different from ours. The Nursery children have been learning about the different animals that live in The Arctic and Antarctic and Reception have been learning about the effects of global warming on the ice caps.


Weekend Challenge

If your child is in Nursery ask them what the word ‘camouflage’ means.


And if your child is in Reception ask them why the ice in the polar regions is melting.


Let us know on Seesaw what responses you got!




Our assembly winners this week are:

Star of the week - GRACE and ELLIOT.R. The star of the week is award to children who have really shone this week in their work, progress or behaviour.


Taking Tatty Teddy Bear home are MINNIE and CHARLOTTE.E. Tatty Teddy watches the children whilst they are sitting on the carpet during adult focused sessions. He chooses to go home with children who have shown super sitting and good listening.


My Happy Mind winners - ISLA and MAX.G. The happy mind award goes to children who have shown character strengths during the week such as bravery or resilience.


The children who received their Always badges this week were SAFA and RAINE - Always badges are awarded throughout the school to children who consistently (always!) follow the school rules and adult instructions. It is a very special award and children must wear their Always badge to school each day as part of their uniform. Well done boys!