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Our reading book this half term is Varjack Paw by S.F. Said.

'Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten.  He lives high up in an old house on a hill.  He's never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way – a secret martial art for cats.
Now Varjak must use the Way to survive in a city full of dangerous dogs, cat gangs, and strangest of all, the mysterious Vanishings...'



This term we are focusing on gymnastics skills, such as, various rolls and shapes, creating routines and using apparatus. 




Our science topic this term is sound. 

Children will learn about:

  • Vibrations
  • Know and label parts of the ear
  • What is pitch?
  • Explore volume


Our history topic this term is focusing on the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle up to the time of Edward the confessor.

Children will learn:

  • To develop a chronological understanding of British history.

  • To understand that our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources and compare them to modern day Britain.

  • To learn about key historical figures such as, Alfred the great, Athelstan the first king of England and Edward the confessor.

  • To compare and contrast the way Anglo-Saxons and Vikings lived with the modern day.

  • To understand the Anglo-Saxon struggle for England up to the time of Edward the confessor.


History Knowledge Organiser