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Week 6

In our geography this week, we have been learning about the different types of volcanoes, how some can lay dormant and how an active volcano is classed as active if it has erupted in the last 10,000 years! 


In science, we have been exploring fossils. We looked at the process of fossilisation, how animal and plant remains turn to fossils and what this means for us. We linked our fossil learning to Mary Anning, who was the greatest fossil hunter ever. We have also finished off our science topic with learning the components of soil. We went on our own soil hunt around the school grounds to see if we could carry out our own science experiment to explore the properties of soil. 


We have been having a big push on our 3 times tables this week in readiness for next half term. We have been learning through song which will be posted onto seesaw as home learning over the half term. 


In Spanish with Mrs McMillan, we have been able to count to 20 in Spanish - please can you test the children on this at home. 


In PE this week, we had our last training session of dogeball before the big match against the year 4's next Wednesday! 


Have a lovely week, 

Mrs Harris