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How does the amount of vinegar/soda affect the quantity of gas produced?

WARNING - Don't try this at home.

To help us with our investigation skills - learning to think carefully about what and why things happened we investigated mixing ingredients to release a gas that we could measure.

We started with a demonstration of what happens when mints are mixed with a fizzy drink, the fizzy drink can't hold onto the carbon dioxide gas any longer and we get a fantastic fountain effect.


How much gas is released and how many mints were needed?

We changed the ingredients slightly when we had a go our selves, mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda and measuring the amount of gas collected in a syringe attached to the top of a film canister.

We conducted our investigation and found out that the amounts of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda do matter; the more of each, the more gas released. But our discussions afterwards looked at why some of our results didn't make sense. We'd made some errors in our investigation - lids weren't on canisters properly and some ingredients needed more careful measuring. We'll need to repeat this investigation making sure everything is fair in order to get some really accurate results.

We took some photos of what we got up too.