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Autumn 1 - Kingswood Residential 26th Sept - 28th Sept

 UPDATED 28th Sept -  
WE HAVE RETURNED!!!!!  What a brilliant time we have had  all children were fantastic, so well behaved and enjoyed the experience.  Some photos will be put on the website towards the end of the week and swapped week on week, as there are so many great times we would like to share with you.

For the time being, sleep is needed.... so keep checking in and see 3G swing, canoe capsize, low ropes, nightline, Jacob's ladder (remember 'IT'S NOT JACOBS, IT'S MINE!') and many more activities we did... 
Colomendy - North Wales
 Do you dare!??????  Do you dare!??????
Map of Colomendy
Night line
Night line
Finding the Fin
Smell the worrmmmmm....
Jacob's Ladder
3G swing
3G swing
I'm a little bit tired....
Jacob's ladder is really high!
Can I lift my head to eat breakfast?
I'm getting organised, will I be the tidiest dorm?