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Week 2

Wow! What a week - We feel like we have blinked and the week has gone! 


Thank you so much to all the parents who have attended parents evening this week, the positive support from you all is most welcoming! 


This week it's been anti-bullying week and our theme has been 'I am unique, but so are you' and we have been celebrating all of our differences within the class and being accepting about everyone else's uniqueness. During this week we have had a discussion about what the word bullying means, how bullying can impact on you and what to do if you are worried about being bullied. We have also had a class debate! 


In our writing this week  we have acted like a Crood! We watched the movie trailer on Monday and then took our learning outside on Tuesday! We left our 'cave' for the first time and took our learning outside discovering all strange and wonderful things including some tall brown things, with orange crispy things falling from them! 


In our maths we have been continuing our work on the 4 times tables - we are becoming a lot more fluent in these which is brilliant. 


In our topic and wider curriculum work we have been learning about the stone age and all about Rocks - where they come from and how we can identify where different rocks come from. 


The homework this week has been amazing - I am blown away by the homework the children have produced, thank you all for your support in this. 


In the music lesson on a Wednesday morning the children are learning to play the recorder. They really seem to be taking to this and are doing really well... the sound is improving too!