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Autumn 1 - 'Finding the Will' Topic Page

Finding the Will...... I think we have found him in Year 6! In the first few days we have researched Shakespeare and written a biography. Have a look at the biography below and find out about the intriguing life of William Shakespeare. We now know why he is so famous and have begun to read some of his plays, and we have even been learning the story of Macbeth through drama. Re-enacting the battle scene between the Scottish and Norweigan armies was great fun, as you can see in the photographs...

The project homework this half term is proving to be a real success - year 6 have impressed us all! Pupils have been learning about the typical features of tudor buildings and some pupils have made models, what do you think?  Do you like them? Others have been creating family emblems, information booklets, cartoon strips telling stories in tudor times, powerpoints about life in tudor times and much much more. I hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting work we have been doing and keep coming back as we update it even more!