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Oldham College Careers Afternoon June 2013

Oldham College came in to share with Year 6 some potential career paths, they may wish to consider in the future and give them a taste of the working world.  Year 6 got involed in activities, once they had been split into three groups including:

Fashion / Printmaking - this group used polystyrene, pencils and printing ink to print some really cool patterns and then even managed to link it back to our topic, with some prints being suitable for the decades!
UPS (Uniformed services) - we heard about the requirements for fitness that are needed to get into the armed forces, as well as the police and fire service and then we tested some of this out... I think some of the children were hurting a couple of days later after their sit ups, press ups, sit and reach and grip test!
Media - using green screen technology and ICT skills, the children recorded their own Whitegate End news and then added all the graphics needed too.