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Year 1

Year 1 pupils who will be returning to school on Monday 8th June.


Pupils allocated groups will be sent today-29th May.

We politely ask that all parents keep to the allocated time slots in order to help the start and end of the day run as safely as possible.

Miss Poll and the staff responsible,  will group the pupils accordingly in the best way possible. There will be no moving of pupils groups.


Please take time to read all of the letters regarding expectations for pupils including their uniform and personal belongings.

Please be patient and bear with us as the staff adapt to the new procedures and help your child to adapt too.


Parents will be asked to wait with their child outside the allocated gate.

There will be coloured markers on the fence and a coloured mark on the ground to help you socially distance.

There will be plenty of school staff on hand from Monday 8th June.

We hope this will enable parents and pupils to quickly get more familiar with our new temporary procedures.

Parents will drop off their child with a member of staff at the gate, who will then escort and direct them  to their classrooms.


At the end of the day we ask that you do not enter the school grounds until it is your allocated time.

Staff will be on hand at the gates. 

When it is your allocated time, we ask that you follow the route outlined on our plan and wait on the yard.

The staff will then send your child out to you. Pupils will come out one at a time rather than in a group.

Please then leave the school quickly following the planned route.


Our school kitchen will be open on Monday 8th June and they are planning to provide your child with their usual school lunch.


At the moment under the new Government guidance we cannot have face to face meetings.

If you need to speak to a member of staff we ask that you ring school or e-mail us and we will arrange for the staff member to contact you.


Thank you for your continued support and for helping us keep our pupils and staff safe.


J Conway


Information for Y1 pupils returning to school on Monday 8th June-plan outlining timings, gates and routes

Further information for Parents of Year 1 who indicated they would want their child to return on our Survey.

A very warm welcome to Year 1!  


I hope you will visit our  class web page often to find out all the great things we have been doing.  You will find important documents such as our Long Term Curriculum plan, Knowledge Organisers and Newsletters.


Each week our page will be updated to tell you all about our  fantastic learning, and I hope it will give you an opportunity to talk at home about what we have been doing.


Our Year 1 teaching team is:  Miss Poll, Miss Smith, Miss Chowdhury, Mrs McDonald and Miss Buckley.  Other members of our wider school team will also work with us.  


Our Parents' Drop In is Tuesday at 3pm until 3.30pm.  However if this time is not convenient, then please don't hesitate to ask for an alternative time.  


I am looking forward to working with you all during the year.


Miss Poll



Year 1 supports.....


Look out for our fundraising event in Spring 2.