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Autumn 1 updates

We hope you've had a lovely summer and are ready to return to school on Monday. Our first topic is called 'Staying Alive' and we will be looking closely at animals and living things.


In this science based topic we will be working on recognising what a habitat is and how different animals live in different habitats. We are going to be extending our knowledge about hibernation and learning about the different places animals live and why. We will be learning about the life cycles of living things, food chains and what animals need in order to stay alive.


In our Maths, we will be focusing on place value and continuing to use resources to build our understanding and move through different challenges. Later on in the term, we will be moving onto addition and subtraction.


We will be looking at different writing genres throughout the term, however we will be replying back to a very cheeky rabbit, who gets into a lot of trouble and has upset Mr Smith by eating all of our fruit and vegetables in the poly tunnel. We will also be using the lovely 'Bear and the Piano' book to understand feelings and emotions and put these into a diary entry.


We cannot wait to get started and hope you all really like this topic.


Mrs Walker





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