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I am an author week

I am an Author Week – 2013
The 4th-8th February is Whitegate End’s very own, ‘I am an author’ week. Each child in year 3 will become a (nearly) published author.
We have been set the challenge to write, a story with repeated & patterned language to give to our nursery children for their library. Over the course of this week we will:
· Investigate the features of a book for under 5’s
· Look at a range of stories with repeated and patterned language
· Use these stories to write our own book
We will also be visited by Mrs Craven, our class governor, who will share one of her favourite books from childhood.
Monday saw a visit from author ‘Damien Harvey’ (Click his name to go to his website) Damien shared the story of “Silly Jack” read us some of his books and talked to us about life as an author – did you know an Author gets 6.5p for every 5.00 book that is sold?
We’ll be putting his top tips into action. We can’t wait to see you on Friday at our exhibition of ‘I am an author’ week work.