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Week 2

What a great week we have had! 


We have been working on money this week in Maths, we have not only been looking at the shapes but now also the value. For example how many pennies are in £1 and £2, it was tricky at first but now we are money superstars! Next week we are going to look at how to add coins to make a different amount. 


In our writing we have started our plant based stories, thinking about describing our characters and then naming them.

In Science and Topic we have been taking good care of the vegetables that we have planted in the poly-tunnel. Earlier in the week we realised that some of the leaves had wilted and we decided it was because it was very warm and the vegetables needed more water to survive. 


Lois- I enjoyed playing 'guess the coin' with my partner in Maths


Sofia- I enjoyed using the money to sell things in our class garden centre


Emilia- I liked watering the plants in the poly-tunnel for Science. 


Alex- I liked free reading after I had finished my learning