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Week 6

Well we've got two more days to go! 


Thank you for all of your hard work this week, we know you have all been busy making your Easter eggs and bonnets but have also managed to fit in home learning too! 


We have had a lovely week this week. As you may have heard we have had an insect invasion! On Wednesday we spotted something strange on the school cameras. There was a huge black hole on the top yard... you will not believe what was coming out of the hole. COCKROACHES! We had to quickly get our coats and our magnifying glasses and go outside to find any clues that had been left behind or any important evidence. We found... muddy footprints, a small piece of tarmac under the shelter that moved when we stood on it and our final clue was that there wasn't any cars near the railings. This helped us to find out what time the event had taken place. We thought it must have been after school. Well done Year One, you have been fantastic investigators. 


In our Maths work this week we have been working on weight and mass. We have had a particular focus on vocabulary. Here are some examples of the words that we have been using:



equal to 




Take a look at what we have enjoyed this week!

Olivia- I have enjoyed working hard in my recount writing about the cockroaches coming to our school.

Ruby- I liked doing my handwriting this week

Louie- I loved writing about what happened on our playground with the big black hole and the cockroaches. 


Have a lovely weekend!smiley