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Week 2

Wow, what a fantastic week we have had in Year 5. The children have continued their focus from the first week and have been producing some amazing pieces of work.


In maths we have been expanding our place value knowledge looking at numbers up to 100,000. We have been looking at different ways we can represent numbers and compare them. The children have been brilliant, constantly looking to stretch themselves and move onto their challenges.


In our reading into writing, we started to look at arguments for and against our balanced argument. This meant that we could take the opportunity to debate against each other, which we really enjoyed. After looking at a WAGOLL, the children were able to 'magpie' ideas to use in their own writing, which they will start next week.


In our topic lessons, the children have started to unpick some of the questions they wanted to find out. We looked at when and why the Vikings came to Britain and they made some fantastic posters with lots of information on. Later on in the week, we had a Viking runes challenge. The children had to use the Viking alphabet to find hidden names in pebbles. After they had cracked some of the names, they started to write their own Viking messages and tested my decoding skills!


Myself and Mr Webster were so proud of Year 5 on Tuesday, as they had their first swimming lesson. Not only were they excellent role models for the school, they really enjoyed it and once they were there they couldn't believe how worried they had been.


On Wednesday, the children were really lucky to have defibrillator training - which they really enjoyed. Please ask them what they can remember about it as they couldn't wait to share with me, once they had returned to class.


Thank you so much for all your support with their homework - I've been blown away with some of the pieces and can't wait to see what we get handed in next week.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Walker and Mr Webster