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Beware 'Super Scientists' were on show in Week 4!


This week got off to a stinky start as we were carrying out some investigations to help out Horrid Henry. We were looking at the effect of the things we drink on our teeth. The reason it was stinky was because we had to use eggs to represent our teeth...we couldn't use our own...obviously!! So we began by thinking about our predictions, carrying out a fair test and collecting our results. Our classroom smelt delightful!!!


We continued with our place value work and used 'Matheltics' to develop our skills in a number of different ways. Our log ins are now stuck in the back of our homework journals so we can practise at home!


Our writing has been coming on a treat and we are much more focused on drafting our ideas to tell the story of a journey through the body. Mr Webster and I can't wait to see our final drafts next week. 


Another huge thank you as the homework just keeps on coming and it is of such a high standard. We are amazed by all the time and effort our brilliant 'Team Year 4' are putting in to their work. I don't know what I'll do when people stop handing me their 'poop' in the playground!


Our charity leaders played a key role in helping to organise the 'Macmillan Bake it or Fake it' cake sale on Friday. They have been busy working with Mr Webster all week to put forward their ideas. A huge thank you for all of your support with this event.


STAR OF THE WEEK - This week it went to Daisy Stott as she is really growing in confidence and goes that extra mile to be the best she can be!!


BREAKING NEWS...Our school councillors this year are Jack Smith and Connor Senior. we are all so pleased and know that both boys will take their roles very seriously! Their first meeting is next week...


So thinking ahead to next week...

Who will try and increase their Dojo score?

How many quiet critters will we manage to collect?

Who will get their rockets moved up to get their Always badge?

Who will get a spot on the Captains Table?

Who will be the waiters and waitresses for the Captains Table on Friday?


Thank you so much for another brilliant week Year 4...WE CAN DO IT!!!!