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Week 2 was a busy one :)

Well the Superhero Academy challenges just kept on coming this week....


It was decimal challenge time in our maths work as we focused on tenths . We had to place tenths on a numberline and recognise them as both fractions and decimals. We had to then use this knowledge to break into word problems...


Now our reading into writing took a surprising turn when Mr Wellock gave us some interesting CCTV footage. Yes that's right an evil villain sent a vicious monster to attack Superhero Academy!!! The future generation of superheroes could be under threat!!! WE have draft our ideas so far and our stories have been making Mrs Bingham and Mr Webster laugh.


Our topic work has been 'supertastic' this week as we had to investigate solids, liquids and gases. The classroom was buzzing with lots of scientific discussion and drinking lemonade!!!


We spent sometime time this week talking about 'Fortnite' and e-safety. Those children wo play the game have agreed to not say or write things about others in the class has this has been causing some problems. Please could you take the time to check the privacy settings of this game with your child so we can work as a team to keep our children safe online.


A big well done to Charlie O who was our 'Star of the week' this week smiley